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boat insurance uk for your sailing yachtHello and welcome to this site which has been designed to provide you with as much information as possible about the boat insurance uk market, along with advice to help you find the best online boat insurance in the UK. So whatever type of marine boat insurance you are considering, I hope that this site will provide some helpful hints and advice to help you compare boat insurance quotes from various boat insurance companies. So whether you are looking for cheap boat insurance, classic boat insurance, or small boat insurance, I hope you will find the following pages both useful and informative, and possibly also save you some heartache in the future!

Boat insurance in the UK is just like any other industry with it's own peculiar language and terms that can be confusing for the novice or new owner, with policy documents often simply consigned to a drawer unread, until the fateful event occurs. The policy documents are then studied and poured over for hours in a desperate search for the relevant clause. Sadly this is often the time that many boat owners find that they were never covered for the eventuality, and are left ruing their lack of attention to detail and a hefty bill, or even complete loss of their boat.

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So I hope this site will help explain some of the pitfalls, and terms to look out for when researching the UK market for marine boat insurance. If you are simply looking for a boat insurance online quote, then please just click on the link above which will take you to the relevant page - and please remember you will be dealing with real people with real names, David & Anna, so your enquiry is important to us. We will acknowledge your online boat insurance quote request personally, and come back with your outline figures as soon as we can. If we do need further information we will always email you personally by name, providing what we hope are all the advantages of an online service, but where you deal with real people!

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Since the foundation of the Baltic Exchange in 1744, which was established as the world's first self regulated shipping market for maintaining standards in the industry, London has retained it's place as a world leader for boat insurance and re-insurance, with Lloyd's of London at its centre. Lloyds started life in Edward Lloyd's Coffee House in the early 1700's, where people looking to cover a risk, would meet those with capital who would then agree to insure them, a system that has remained largely intact, even in today's electronic world. Much of the UK insurance business is still conducted on a face to face basis.

Now in boat insurance UK terms, the principles are extremely simple, although as we will see later, understanding your policy may be more complicated. In the UK we have two parties to any boat insurance, the insurer and the insured. The company providing the insurance is the insurer, and you as the boat buyer or owner are the insured. The insurer will issue the insured with a contract, sometimes called a policy which will state what risks the company is prepared to insure, and how much the insurer will pay if any of these risks occur. In addition the policy may also include a list of risks not covered, generally known as exclusions. In return for covering your risk the insured pays the insurer a fee, called a premium. So how does the insurer arrive at your boat insurance premium in the UK? This is the job of the underwriter.

At it's simplest level, underwriters do exactly that - they assess and underwrite the risk. In other words they consider the likelihood of the event happening or not, and hence the amount that should be charged to the customer in premium. They are there to make a profit for the company, short and simple, and will therefore need all the facts before making a decision. The UK boat insurance industry, ( as with many others around the world ) is very tightly regulated to ensure that there are always sufficient funds available to meet all possible claims. Working with the brokers, the underwriters will agree the right insurance, at the right price, and the right terms, for your boat insurance in the UK.

So having looked briefly at the UK insurance market, let's look at boat insurance in the UK in particular, and the two principle types of boat insurance uk cover available.

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