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boat insurance uk for your sailing yachtSo we've looked briefly at how the boat insurance UK market works, and also the two main types of boat insurance policy available, now it's time to start looking at some of the more specific risks that may or may not be covered in your online boat insurance policy. Whether these are important or not will depend on the size and type of boat you are buying, where you will be using it, and the sort of activities you plan to use it for, but equally some will apply to all types, irrespective of size or type. 

I cannot stress enough that whatever online boat insurance policy you buy, you need to spend time reading the small print several times, before going ahead. If you have any doubts, then ask, and please don't take the cheapest policy you can find, as you may well live to regret the few pounds you have saved. So let's start by considering the term 'natural disaster' in the context of your boat insurance UK policy.

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Marine Boat Insurance -  Natural Disaster Cover

Natural disasters can and do happen, and with a boat the results can be devastating. Just remember the Tsunami in Thailand in 2004. So what constitutes a natural disaster ? - typically this will be include hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes and volcanoes. If you plan to use your boat in areas where these may be a possibility then check to see if cover is included. Generally your policy will limit your cruising area which will be defined, so if you plan to over winter in the Caribbean for example, then you will need to check your policy, inform your insurer, and take out cover if required.

Boat Insurance UK - Chartering

Most UK boat insurance companies will classify any form of chartering as a commercial activity and your standard policy will not cover you. Many boat owners charter their boats, often on an informal basis, invalidating their insurance. Not only are you risking your boat, but also the people on board. Typically your boat insurance UK policy will have a clause saying " you warrant that the vessel will be used for private pleasure purposes only, and that it will not be let out for charter, hire or reward, or otherwise used for commercial purposes. In addition to commercial insurance, you will also need to ensure your boat meets the MCA/DOT coding requirements. More details can be found on the Maritime &  Coastguard Agency web site.

Dinghy Insurance - Tenders and Toys

Naturally a high risk area, and again one that you will need to check carefully. Some boat insurance UK policies do cover, others don't, so if you are buying a larger yacht you will need to check. As a very general rule, these sorts of items will be covered under the standard policy provided they are uniquely marked, so if you do have items such as small ribs, jet skis, etc then you will need to check the policy carefully.

Motor Boat Insurance - Outboard Motors

Another very popular item for the boat thief, and sadly often easy to steal. Again, as a general rule if they are secured to the vessel with an anti-theft device they may well be covered, but again you will need to check the small print of your UK boat insurance policy carefully. In simple terms, any item of high value which can easily be removed will be a target and therefore unlikely to be covered unless you take extra precautions to secure the item - common sense really.

Small Boat Insurance

Another tricky area and one where it pays to be careful. If we start with boats over 9 metres, then these will generally be covered in transit provided you are using a professional specialist transport company using purpose built trailers. Check their insurance first, and ask your insurer to confirm they are happy with the company beforehand. If you have never moved your boat before, ask for references from the company and follow them up, or ask others in the marina for personal recommendations. Always notify your insurer beforehand just to double check as this may also be a condition of the policy, which is then noted accordingly.

For boats below 9 metres, you will normally be covered for towing, but remember that insurance for the trailer may be required as a separate item so don't assume the two go hand in hand. The trailer could be stolen for example when not in use, so you will need to consider this when completing the application for your boat insurance UK policy. In addition if you are proposing to take your boat further than usual ( other than from home to your usual marina or harbour), then again notify your insurer accordingly.

These are just a few of the things you will need to consider when making a decision on your boat insurance in the UK - there are many others. So let's look at some of the more common exclusions which you may find and will need to think about in detail.

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