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boat insurance uk for your sailing yachtNow, if you remember back to the first page we touched on the subject of exclusions - these are the items that the underwriter and boat insurance companies will consider too risky to cover in your standard boat insurance UK policy.

So in order to remain competitive in the market, or simply because they consider the risk too high, then these will be excluded from the insurance policy. As we have already seen on the previous page, we can generally get a risk covered at an additional cost such as chartering for example, or natural disaster cover, since most risks can be covered if the price is right! Acts of war for example are generally not insured under the policy, so if your boat was unfortunate enough to be caught up in such an event, the policy would not apply, although civil disturbance and terrorism would normally be covered.

So let's look at some of the more general items that you will probably find excluded in your boat insurance - and remember you should spend just as long looking at what's excluded as what is included.

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Marine Boat Insurance -  Wear and Tear

It goes without saying, but normal wear and tear will not be covered by your boat insurance - but what constitutes wear and tear? Well in general it's the "ordinary action of wind and waves", insect penetration and all types of marine growth, corrosion, rust, mildew, electrolysis and osmosis.

Marine Boat Insurance - Sails

If you have a sailing yacht, these will be excluded under a boat insurance UK policy, unless the damage is caused by the spars to which they are attached, or if the yacht is a total loss. If the sails are damaged in normal use, then they are excluded.

Marine Boat Insurance - Plant and Engines

Generally, the engines and main plant will be excluded, unless the damage has been caused by an accident such as water entering the vessel, stranding, sinking, or loss due to fire. If you are sailing somewhere very cold then if the engines freeze this would be covered provided they have been maintained in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and by a competent mechanic and protected accordingly.

Marine Boat Insurance - Personal Property

This can be a bit of a grey area, but in general most boat insurance policies will cover your personal property whilst you are onboard, or in transit between your vessel and home. Typical items not covered will include money, jewellery, watches, credit cards, phones, diving equipment and sports fishing gear. Theft of personal effects may or may not be covered depending on whether they have been secured in locked storage, and generally only in daylight hours, and certainly not if left unattended. Again, common sense applies both to what is excluded and also how to look after your valuables.

Marine Boat Insurance - On The Bridge!

Finally, let's look at your marine boat insurance policy and who it covers on the bridge! As things stand at present in the UK, you need no qualifications whatsoever to drive or sail a boat provided it is for pleasure use only. Your insurance will cover whoever is at the helm, provided they have been given permission by the insured, and my suggestion would be that you are always present, just to be on the safe side. However, if you plan to use your boat overseas, then the situation may be very different. Many countries require you to hold the relevant qualifications in particular an International Certificate of Competence ( ICC) before you can take the the water legally. The RYA site has more information on this aspect of boating. Again, always check with your insurer and notify them accordingly.

Most owners take their professional qualifications for two reasons. Firstly,  it  reduces the premium on the boat insurance UK, and secondly it provides friends and family with a greater sense of security when out on the water. So well worth doing in my view, and its fun as well!

Now let's look at another important aspect of boat insurance UK - the amount you are paid should the worst happen. The two main types are an "agreed value" policy and a "market value" policy.

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