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boat insurance uk for your sailing yachtIn addition to providing boat insurance in the UK, Marinablu also provides a range of other services to help you enjoy your boat or yacht to the full, and as a specialist marine finance broker, we arrange both marine mortgages and leasing finance to an increasing number of UK and international clients.

Whilst marine mortgages are relatively well known in the UK, financing your boat using boat leasing finance is certainly not, and many clients are now starting to appreciate the benefits of this innovative solution to boat finance.  So let's  briefly look at leasing finance first and if you feel this might be appropriate for you, please just follow the link above which will take you to a dedicated site along with leasing quote examples and a quote application form.

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Marine Financing

Financing your boat with a lease has been used by yacht and boat owners in Europe for many years, and is particularly popular in France and Italy where the schemes first originated. The reason for their introduction originally was to support the yacht building industry in the early 1990's which at the time was struggling to survive and compete in world markets. In order to stimulate demand and support the industry, both governments introduced VAT incentive schemes based on leasing finance, where VAT was reduced on the leasing payments based on the size and type of boat. More recently Malta have also introduced a scheme which is less flexible than the other two, but never the less does indicate a growing awareness and acceptance of this form of boat finance. So how does a leasing scheme work ? In simple terms, in exactly the same way as leasing any other item such as a car or piece of equipment. You choose your boat ( for leasing finance the minimum is around 500,000 Euros), agree a price with the dealer or broker including all the extras, and then pay your deposit ( normally 20% ). The bank then pays the balance, and leases the boat back to you for an agreed period ( normally between 3 and 8 years ). At the end of the lease you have the option to buy the boat from the bank for a nominal amount which is generally between 0.1% and 5% of the original price. This residual value is always agreed before you sign the contract. You do of course have the option not to buy and simply walk away from the lease, giving the boat to the bank who will then sell it on the open market. The advantage of the leasing finance is that reduced VAT applies to the lease payments, often reducing the cost of financing to that of a 0% finance arrangement. If you would like to see an example of a boat leasing finance quote, please just follow the link here. Now let's look at more traditional marine financing solutions for boat finance.

Marine Finance

Marine mortgage and marine loans are the more conventional and traditional methods for boat finance in the UK, and whilst you may feel these are nothing new, as specialist brokers we are often able to obtain better rates and terms in the market based on our knowledge and expertise. Most marine loans are based on repayment only, but if you are able to provide a larger deposit, then we can often obtain a combination of interest only and capital repayment. The interest only period is usually restricted to the first few years, ( generally 5 years maximum ) and then subsequent payments are based on both capital and interest. Naturally you need to consider this option carefully when selecting your boat finance provider as the repayments can increase significantly once the mortgage reverts to both interest and capital. Nevertheless this can provide an attractive option, but will always be based on the type, size and age of vessel being financed along with the percentage of the deposit. 

We are generally able to arrange marine financing from the smallest boat to the largest yachts, and for both pleasure boats and live aboard barges and canal boats. We will always come back to you very quickly with a personal response even when we can't help, so please just give us a try - we hope we can save you a lot of time and effort.

Finally, thank you so much for visiting boat insurance UK which we hope you found useful. We are always here to help, so whatever your query, please just ask and we will try our best to provide you with an efficient, rapid  and personal response - kind regards, Anna & David

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